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Coca Cola EMEA - Product Manager, Solution Architect for Commerce Area and RPA Lead with 10 year experience in Digital Transformation
Where is the partners’ position in your business model?


Your partners are more agile and resilient than you. They can reach your potential customer with higher speed. Relationship strength determines the partner’s power. High-performance relationships drive high-performance businesses.


The product organization should help partners while partners are doing

  • implementation
  • integration
  • custom development

by increasing partners’ expertise around

  • specific business functions
  • product areas
  • industries by giving robust resources, training, and tools

in order to develop partners to serve their and your customers in a better way.


There are two types of partner selection. You can apply the “pull” or “push” method.

This can be…

Automating repetitive tasks not only increases productivity by eliminating non-value-added jobs but also enables you to respond to your customer faster by creating an agile environment.

There are lots of repetitive tasks in the contract management process. Even in management decisions.

In this story, AI and machine learning examples for decreasing time-to-market and contract configuration duration will be given.

Shorten Contract Time to Market Duration by Enabling Data-Driven Approval Decisions

Every company has a specific chart of authority rules in the approval process that all approvers have to always approve manually.

Beyond chart-of-authority rules, every approver looks for some similar…

You have lots of to-dos… If you firstly should solve the lack of focus maybe you can read procrastination syndrome. If this is done, now you can determine a clear direction, right?

Goal setting starts with the understanding of what we want, lives with barriers and our strengths to their success, impact on our and people around us lifestyle with their results.

We will mention how to determine what we want in this story. You will find “overcoming barriers to success”, “how can following life-long goals impact our and people around us lifestyle”, “using your strengths to reach your dreams”, “how to implement scrum events to reach your targets” and “which tools can be used to reach my dreams” in the next stories.

Sticking to goals and tasks is hard…

There are four phases of communication strategy;

  • Introduction
  • Familiarity
  • Acceptance
  • Motivation.

These steps are like climbing stairs that you should proceed step by step.


Why do you want to change?

Dealing with real problems of real problems should be a starting point. Understanding their daily lives is so much important. For the introduction, you should explain;

  • Today’s pain points are affecting us deeply. They should agree on these pain points with infographics, numbers, and the real voice of customers.
  • This product is not for you but for them.

The selection of a powerful spokesman feeling this…

I’m a master procrastinator although trying my best to spend so much time on enhanced productivity. Even though as a person always seeking new methods for better concentration by drawing personal roadmaps, creating long-terms or short-term targets, at the end of the day, when to sit to work and progress, finding myself in a different procrastination island every time is so annoying.

What about you?

  • While tons of important things are waiting to complete, during your study, are lots of unrelated ideas coming to your mind and suddenly you are finding yourself in a meaningless place? While you are planning…

Today, the payment experience is more crucial now than ever, as customers consciously select where to shop according to how they can pay. The pandemic has resulted in an incredible increase in digital commerce.

This is the third part of the real payment research series which its results will affect more than 1 million B2B customers. You can reach all stories in “payment pays publication”. Today, the topic is how consumers/businesses/suppliers are changing in terms of payment and their parts in commerce experience

How are we changing?

Maybe lockdowns didn’t limit B2B business physical interactions and payments as much as…

Understanding the current situation doesn’t mean understanding/knowing the expected current procedure. I mean “actual results of the expected procedure”.

This is the second part of the real payment research series which its results will affect more than 1 million B2B customer. You can reach all stories in “payment pays publication”. Today, the topic is what is the cost current payment exceptions and planned versus actual target alignment.

When you see that expectations are so far away from the reality, you can feel your expectations against actuals like below.

Average collection days

Treasury department did a great job for decreasing credit card collection…

Abandon treating online platforms and solutions as just digitizing current conventional payment systems running daily operations. This is a never-ending strategic value chain story with continuous improvement and product management best practices…

This is a part of real payment resarch series which it’s results will affect more than 1 million customer. First topic is how to start, why to start..

Define your company’s strategic goals and study on current financial status and ask below questions:

What payment types are you offering to your customer and their distribution?

What payment types are you offering to your customer and their distribution?

Which regions you are running the business in?

How many banks you are working with?

What are internal business processes you are dealing with in order to handle customer/ bank financials or have financial benefits for bank transactions?

Work on current operations’ pain-points based on personas like below?

Do your sales representatives

  1. think about payment-related problems while determining their route or daily routine…

Are you a cab driver in a tourist place or a real top sales performer?

“to believe to achieve sole monthly target” mindset not only makes you unsuccessful with old-fashioned “vendor-mind” sales negotiation tactics but also causes you to calculate your retirement fee in your early career.

No need to say, nowadays the internet makes it easy for everybody to access any information, therefore you cannot prevent the spread of bad behaviors and customer experiences. You have to and should be empathetic and take the customer’s side.

Much more than this

This doesn't mean that shouldn’t think about contract profitability…

Hakan Elbasi

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